If you’ve never been to one of our old timer motocross events before, here’s an overview of what it looks like:
When you sign up, let us know it’s your first event and we’ll sign you up in the Intermediate class. Our club reps will watch you during your first moto and make a judgment if you are in the right class or need to be moved up or down. Our goal is to have us all racing against folks similar in speed. No sandbaggers. You’ll be surprised that there are so many old people that are so fast on a motorcycle! There are also classes for your sons, daughters, grandsons and granddaughters! It’s a family affair!

After signup on Saturday morning, 10 minute practices are then followed by THREE 15 – 22 minute motos. After the day’s racing, you’ll be treated to a catered dinner (included in your race entry at most venues). At some events there is a raffle after dinner. At our Washington event, we have a raffle that will also include a silent auction of select items this year! We also vote on a recipient of our “Garry Roestel Memorial Crapper Award”, given to the racer with the worst luck experienced during the day’s racing. We have a 10pm noise curfew, turning off generators and allowing those of needing to rest up to do so. You’re welcome to continue hanging out, albeit quietly, if you still have energy left!

Sunday morning we do it all again, but this time with TWO 15 – 22 minute motos. Be prepared to be totally exhausted at the end of the weekend. I challenge you to find a motocross weekend with more seat time! Chances are you’ll have been treated like family and you’ll be hooked, excited to head to the next one and we’ll be seeing you from now on!